Instructions for the Paypal payment:
I thank you for your order.
Before doing your payment, it is preferable to contact us to know the availability total of all models of your order in order to pay only for the models that we will be able to send you quickly.
All models out stock or to appear will be kept in bookings for you and will make the object of another payment to make at the time of the availability of these models.
You pay solely only for the available models that we can send you quickly.
For the orders destined to the export (out European Union) and that don't include the costs of expedition, we prepare your packet and we inform you of the precise costs of expedition with the definitive total of your order to make only one global payment.
If you receive an automatic confirmation of your order, it is that it is recorded well at home and we contact you quickly to provide you all elements to do your payment on the site web of Paypal.

For the export (out EU) payment to use:
For the in European Union payment to use: